giving CBD oil for Christmas

Is Our Triple Lab Testing Process Rigorous Enough for Your Active Lifestyle?

First-of-its-kind quality control developed to ensure all Dixie Botanicals® products meet our customers’ high standards.
The core mission of Dixie Botanicals® is to bring the benefits of cannabinoids like CBD to dynamic customers like you so you can function everyday at your peak, even when you:

Put in extended nights at the office
Train intensely at the gym
Just try to survive another hectic day

giving CBD oil for Christmas

5 CBD Gifts for the Active People on Your Gift List

With the holiday season fast approaching, it is time to start thinking about finding gifts for everyone on your list.

But what do you get the athletes and weekend warriors in your life?

Give them the gift of a thriving, more balanced body with CBD products from Dixie Botanicals®. These five products from the Dixie Botanicals® line make perfect presents for the active people on your gift-giving list. The products come in small sizes, which make them great stocking stuffers, or you can mix and match with other small gifts for the ultimate adventurer’s gift basket.

guide to dabbing

Your Guide to Dabbing

Dabbing, a method of vaporizing cannabis concentrates, has become the rage in the past few years largely due to its high potency and fast activation of effects.

The Dixie Botanicals® line of products includes a number of CBD oil concentrates that allow you to dab your CBD. Here, we have compiled everything to know about dabbing CBD so you can get started with confidence.

cbd is healthy

Is CBD Right for Me?

Every day, more people discover how the exciting natural benefits of CBD help the body maintain balance for peak performance. As these benefits have become clearer in recent years, it has prompted many, like you, to seek out this powerful cannabinoid to supplement their diets and support active lifestyles.